Trauma Cleanup

Crime Scene Clean Up Experts in Clinton Township, MI

Trauma Cleanup Service Clinton Township MI - Disaster MD - service-trauma-cleanupBiohazard cleanup services to get your family and employees back to safety

If your home or business has been the site of a deadly crime, environmental catastrophe or another traumatic event, the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning up the effects. Not only can such events create a serious mess, but they often leave hazardous substances in their wake, making it unsafe for you to deal with them on your own. As a biohazard cleanup company, Disaster MD can restore your property after any source of trauma.

From offering crime scene cleanup to removing dead bodies to addressing industrial accidents, we help you, your family and your employees move on from even the most devastating events.

When Tragedy Strikes, You Need a Compassionate Crime Scene Cleaner

As a local business based in Southeast Michigan, Disaster MD understands how traumatic events can disrupt our community. With this in mind, we handle every cleanup job with respect, compassion and sensitivity. We show you full courtesy as we work, and we take care to remove anything that may cause you and others on the property emotional distress. In this way, we help our community recover both physically and psychologically.

Common Trauma, Biohazard & Crime Scene CleanUp Scenarios

The need for trauma cleanup can arise for many different reasons, including:

  • Industrial accidents that spread harmful chemicals or dangerous equipment around your property
  • Homicides, suicides and deadly accidents, leaving behind a mess that is both distressing to see and a source of disease
  • Properties that were previously used to manufacture dangerous drugs or store dangerous chemicals
  • Environmental disasters that harm air, water and soil quality to the point that your property isn’t safe to set foot in
  • Sewer backups that result in raw sewage or human waste in your property.

Don’t Take Any Chances – We Offer Thorough Biohazard Cleanup for Dangerous Chemicals & Pathogens

At first glance, a traumatized property may look perfectly safe, as diseases and poisons are often not visible to the naked eye. Don’t be tempted to re-enter your property just because you cannot see the danger. Disaster MD has the equipment to assess your home or business in depth and make sure that all serious hazards have been dealt with. Only once we have performed this assessment and eliminated any remaining threats is it safe for you, your loved ones or your workers to return to the scene.

Don’t let a traumatic event render your house or office uninhabitable. For more information on recovering from death, disease and environmental disaster, contact us today.