Fire Damage

Immediate Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Michigan

Fire Damage Restoration Clinton Township MI - Disaster MD - service-fire-damageWe’ll help you recover from disaster quicker with our professional and reliable services.

Once you’re sure your family is safe, the initial fear of a house fire gives way to frustration. Fire and smoke damage will ruin your property’s appearance, and depending on how far they spread, can threaten your electrical system or even the building’s structure. Without professional fire damage restoration services, your building may not be livable and certainly won't regain its previous value. As a disaster recovery and fire restoration company, Disaster MD can renew your home after even the worst burns. With our help, you and your family can return to your previous lives in safety.

Recover from Fire Faster with Clinton Township’s Restoration Pros

As a restoration company based in Michigan, Disaster MD has a keen sense of how fire affects southeast Michigan’s buildings. We understand the types of materials used to construct most local homes, the factors likely to cause a burn and environmental influences that affect the length and severity of house fires. This leaves us perfectly positioned to restore any home in the area. Add to this our experience working on a wide range of home designs and we will have no trouble restoring your house, no matter how unique it is or how extensive the damage.

Our Cleanup & Restoration Process for Fire and Smoke Damage

The Disaster MD recovery team is available 24 hours a day to respond to your fire. Once we arrive on scene we begin:

  • Evaluating the Effects - We investigate how the fire has affected your home, both directly and indirectly. This starts with inspecting areas that have directly caught flame and assessing how badly they have been harmed. We then look for signs of heat damage, which can affect wiring, plumbing and other fixtures even in areas of your home that did not directly catch fire. Finally, we search for smoke damage, soot contamination, and damage caused by the materials used to put the fire out.
  • Surmising a Strategy - Once we have a comprehensive picture of how your home has been harmed, we come up with a strategy to repair it. Our goal is not only to restore your house to its previous conditions but also to shore up the vulnerabilities that caused the blaze in the first place.
  • Engaging with Experts - If any of the repairs your home needs are beyond our area of expertise, we will put you in touch with other specialists who can perform them affordably and effectively.

When fire sweeps through, our team is on call and ready to respond every day of the year, 24 hours a day! Don’t wait until the damage gets worse, contact the fire department then contact Disaster MD immediately!