Demolition & Debris Removal

Prompt Demolition and Debris Removal Services in Michigan

Demolition and Debris Removal Clinton Township MI - Debris Removal - service-demolitionDealing with debris: property demolition, hoarder cleanup & junk removal services

Whether you’re dealing with modest storm damage or demolishing a property entirely, effective debris removal is critical. Not only will leftover rubble and litter be an eyesore, but depending on the materials, it can create a serious health and environmental hazard. Disaster MD keeps such hazards to a minimum throughout Michigan. As a lot clean up company based in Clinton Township, we restore all residential and commercial properties to full safety and cleanliness.

Thorough Demolition & Debris Removal from an Experienced Clinton Township Team

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are prepared for a range of debris removal jobs in Michigan. These include:

  • House Demolition - If your building is damaged beyond the point of repair, we can demolish it safely and efficiently. We then remove the debris left in its wake, providing a clear space for you to rebuild.
  • Storm Solutions - Storms can often seriously disrupt your property, breaking off parts of your building or blowing debris from other areas onto the scene. We eliminate the effects of even the worst storms before they have the chance to seriously impact your family or business.
  • Hoarder Clean Up - If you are a recovering hoarder or have come into possession of a property that belonged to one, cleaning out the building is essential for your health. We offer comprehensive hoarder cleaning services, leaving no section of the property cluttered or unsafe.
  • Fire Recovery - While most fires aren’t enough to completely destroy your house or office, they often compromise large portions of the property, which have to be removed and replaced. We dispose of charred or heat-damaged pieces of property in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Trashed Lot or Building? We Can Clean Your Mess!

Besides taking a toll on your safety, your health and the broader environment, debris can also harm your reputation. If the lot around your building is full of rubbish and rubble, all who see it will associate you with clutter and uncleanliness. For businesses, this can dissuade customers and harm your brand, while for homeowners, it lowers the value of your house. Disaster MD cuts these losses. By providing affordable and effective debris removal services, we restore the value of both commercial and residential properties while giving local businesses good names. Our services are thus an investment in your property, more than paying for themselves over the long run.

To learn more about demolition, debris removal and disaster recovery, contact Disaster MD today!