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When it comes to broken windows, the longer it takes to repair, the more damage is liable to occur. A broken window is not only hazardous in itself, but it leaves you vulnerable to a range of environmental and human threats. Disaster MD offers board-up and cleaning services designed to keep your building safe. Along with carpet cleaning to get rid of broken glass, these services ensure that no shattered window is enough to threaten your home or business.

Don’t Leave Your Property Exposed! Our Emergency Board-Up Team Will Fix Your Problem Fast

As with many home disasters, the sooner you respond to a broken window, the better. Leaving shattered glass unattended can expose you to an array of serious risks, including:

  • Sharp Edges - Shattered glass that lands in your rug can cut your feet and lead to infection. It may also damage the carpet, forcing you to replace it sooner.
  • Wasted Energy - Windows are your home or office’s main line of defense against outside weather. If you don’t board them up quickly, you will have to spend excess energy heating or cooling your building. This both wastes money and contributes to environmental problems.
  • Weather Damage - Besides exposing you to outside temperatures, broken windows also leave the interior of your house or office vulnerable to harm from the elements. This greatly exacerbates the damage to your property and the cost of cleaning it.

Disaster MD is committed to eliminating all of these risks. By boarding up your windows as soon as they break, we contain all threats to your property and to anyone inside.

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