Disaster Recovery around St Clair County MI

disaster recoveryOur IICRC and EPA Lead Safe Certified experts at Disaster MD specialize in water damage, mold restoration & remediation and fire damage restoration services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team will come to your home and provide you with a detailed inspection - FREE of charge! After the assessment, our team will provide you with an overview of what we've found during our inspection and what next steps need to happen to remedy the disaster. Providing you with the fastest service possible is our top priority, saving you from extra costs and further damage to your home. Trust us in making your road to recovery be as smooth as possible!

Get the Immediate Assistance You Deserve, for Whatever Damage Has Occurred:

  • Water Damage
  • Mold
  • Emergency Board Up
  • Wind Damage
  • Flood Damage Repair
  • Lot Debris
  • Water Extraction
  • Fire/Smoke Damage

Don't Take Any Chances -- We Offer Thorough Biohazard Cleanup for Dangerous Chemicals & Pathogens

Disaster RecoveryAt first glance, a traumatized property may look perfectly safe, as diseases and poisons are often not visible to the naked eye. Don't be tempted to re-enter your property just because you cannot see the danger. Disaster MD has the equipment to assess your home or business in depth and make sure that all serious hazards have been dealt with. Only once we have performed this assessment and eliminated any remaining threats is it safe for you, your loved ones or your workers to return to the scene.

St Clair County MI Area Debris and Damage Cleanup and Restoration Service

Disaster RecoveryBesides taking a toll on your safety, your health and the broader environment, debris can also harm your reputation. If the lot around your building is full of rubbish and rubble, all who see it will associate you with clutter and uncleanliness. For businesses, this can dissuade customers and harm your brand, while for homeowners, it lowers the value of your house. Disaster MD cuts these losses. By providing affordable and effective debris removal services, we restore the value of both commercial and residential properties while giving local businesses good names. Our services are thus an investment in your property, more than paying for themselves over the long run.

Testimonials From Customers Around St Clair County MI

Highly recommended They responded immediately to my requests following a bathroom emergency. They worked late on a Sunday to get my bathrooms dried out and were very professional. I highly recommend this company! * - ALYSON W, Mt. Clemens, Michigan